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Tipgram support for Tron Chain


Tipgram now supports Tron blockchain, this will open a new use case to the Verisafe ecosystem with access to all Tron community and TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. With it, Tipgram also ships with a swap feature between TRC20 and ERC20, this enables token team projects to create their own version of TRC20 and access as well the capabilities of Tron blockchain, which are cheap transfers or even free if you freeze enough TRX and also expose their token to the huge Dapps system that Tron is building.

If you are from the Tron community and never hear of us, please check our last news and features that Verisafe ecosystem is building. We would love you to join us in our ecosystem. Check here all the capabilities of Tipgram

TrustUSD Listing

TrustUSd listed on Veridex:

On Desktop:

On Trust Wallet:

  • Trade
  • Market Buy/Sell

What is TrustUSD Token?

TrustUSD is building a financial ecosystem that encompasses the benefits of traditional fiat-backed stable coins, but with decentralization to the purest form. Just hard work and Grassroots. TrustUSD has a vision to partner with major commerce systems and is utilized as a the viable medium of exchange across the world, with WooCommerce integration. TrustUSD’s core use is as a utility token to power the TRUST economy for the UnBanked.

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Veridex Gitcoin Grant round 5

Veridex is an open-source product with features like trading, swap, launchpad, decentralized orderbook and it is a safer way for trading your ERC20 tokens.

Gitcoin is a platform that helps to fund open-source development and it has a nice matching system that multiplies each donation. Each small donation will raise an even more high matching donation, meaning more different donators more the donations will get multiplied.

This is the best way to fund Veridex and get some love from our community with a simple small donation, you are helping the sustained growth of Veridex and accelerate upcoming developments.

I want to donate 1 Dai but I only have ETH?

You can go to the Veridex swap system and swap the necessary ETH for 1 DAi here: . Be sure to have Metamask. Could be used also Trust Wallet here:

Then you go and create an account and fund with a 1 Dai or the value you wanna donate, clicking on Fund Grant on right.

Thank you so much for the kind support!

João Campos



Veridex next plans on market making

Veridex has a staking pool on ZRX protocol and in this epoch distributed around 0.5  ETH to ZRX stakers. Veridex in overall has distributed a total of over 2 ETH rewards to ZRX and now has over 1 M ZRX staked to upcoming epochs. Veridex in total as collected over 10 ETH in rewards as market maker, this value could have returned to community market makers in form of VSF, if they market making using our program. We are actively building tools to turn it easier for the market maker program to get’s more adoption.

Veridex aims to be the bigger community market maker pool using ZRX protocol, for that we developed a manual market-making (more info here) and now we are developing a web and script bot (Check real-time development in our Github repo ) to do market making trading on ZRX markets. Additionally, we launched the Verisafe market maker program to return to traders rebates from protocol fee and takers fees in form of VSF (More info here and scripts we use to compute the rewards).

Market makers play an important role in providing liquidity for casual takers and Defi protocols without high slippage on the trading, as ZRX protocol allows placing orders without paying any gas, it turns to be the right protocol to be used by bots to place and update orders on decentralized markets. And with the great addition of 0x API as an aggregator of all orders for Defi protocols and several frontends, bots being able to place orders to this kind of platform at well-competitive prices will get the advantage of their orders will be more likely to be filled. More orders being filled on both sides, it will turn market making more profitable.

Why do we decide to create a market maker bot despite being there other solutions?

We decide to develop this bot to create a web and desktop solution that can be easily used by a casual trader that have some liquidity and want to try to get some revenue from the tokens they hold.

There are risks?

Yes, any trading activity has risks and being market making a complex algorithm that depends on many factors like price movements, news, orderbook readings (Buy and Sell support), high trading activity, choose the right price spread to mitigate risks. It is only recommended for users that know what they are doing. Market makers make money from the continuous spreads that they get from the buy and sell fills (continuously buy lower and sell high), however huge market trends (high or lower price movements) could leave the trader with only one-sided of the inventory. Veridex market maker bot plans to have stop-loss, and inventory skew strategies to mitigate these risks.

What this market maker system can bring to the VSF token?

VSF token is the token of choice to power up Veridex. Market maker program when in place on full it can generate protocol eth fees around 5 ETH in normal conditions, in a hypothetical scenario where we have 10 market makers running the bot and generating 2000 trades each 10 days (20 trades per day per market maker). Besides that, there are also the taker fees that are rebated meaning 0.15 % of generated volume in ETH markets also will return to these market makers (1000 ETH volume means 1.5 ETH in fees, ZRX protocol has a daily volume around 2 M USD ). The protocol fees plus the rebated fees will need to return to these market makers in the form of VSF, this will create buy pressure on VSF market, in order to have sufficient VSF to pay them. Additionally, market makers can choose to dump the market and at the same time, they will create selling pressure on the market. These two conditions will create a high volume market for VSF which are the best kind of markets for traders. However, if market makers decide to hold the token, buy pressure will be higher than sell pressure causing VSF token scarcity on the market. Be aware, that market makers already make money from spreads, being this program an additional reward for the risk they have.


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