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VeriSafe Ambassador Program

The ambassador program is a way for people to engage the broader market to help spread VeriSafe news, inform others about VeriSafe and engage more meaningfully with both the VeriSafe team and other crypto communities.

In order to accomplish this, VeriSafe has established separate tasks/achievements below that community members may partake in to receive the monthly allotted VSF token payout. Each fully executed task, upon strict review, will receive the appropriate number of VSF tokens within 10 days after the final review has been completed each month-end. The forms linked below will be for each user to claim under the distinct program. It is at VeriSafe’s sole discretion if the task was fully completed or not, with guidance from each task section below.

Twitter Program

The Twitter Ambassador program will consist of community members helping to spread the word about VeriSafe on Twitter.

Contributions are made by producing at least:

Requirements will be to tweet about something positive/constructive for VSF and each tweet must contain one of the following:

If all of this is completed in full and verified, the user will receive 250K VSF after month-end.

Twitter Bonus

If you get someone with more than 15K followers to comment, like or retweet your tweet – you will receive a bonus 250K VSF.

Published Article Program

The published article program will allow users to write up a positive article about VeriSafe. Here is an example:

The content should be:

  • At least 500 words long;
  • Should reference the:
  • It should also reference your Twitter handle and Telegram handle for confirmation purposes

Articles cannot be plagiarized material from anywhere (which includes any material created by the VeriSafe team). Each posted and shared article will be worth 200K, with a maximum of 2 claims per user per month.

Video Program

The video ambassador program will allow users to publish videos detailing different positive components of VeriSafe.

A user may share (an a social media platform) a created video reviewing VeriSafe once a month and receive 250K VSF.

The video must be:

  • A minimum of 5 minutes long (short intro or credits is allowed in this time)

You must share within the video content and the description area the:

Developer Program

The developer program allows the community to participate in the development and testing of VeriSafe software.

Candidates should supply their GitHub Repo details, or contact for further information, as experience, access and software may be required.

Images / Design

If the team choose your image in its original form, you will receive a reward. You must not chase or ask for preferential treatment of your image. By uploading your image, you allow full future usage rights to your image and the team may choose to take influence from the image, or modify it in any way before using it. Any reward for VeriSafe team usage is made only on first usage (per image) and each image may be used more than once without further reward.

Please only share images that you have the rights to use, and images must not be offensive / contain profanity.

New Ambassador Ideas

Submit an official idea for further ambassador programs and if it’s implemented, you will receive 300K VSF.

VeriSafe Platform Sign-up Bonus

(Coming soon)

Register on our platform and receive 25k VSF

Build a complete profile and share on social media and receive 75k VSF

Total reward will be 100k VSF for completing these two things.

Many Thanks from the VeriSafe Team

Your VeriSafe Ambassador Contribution

The VeriSafe Ambassador form is closed at the moment. Due to ongoing reward projects, we will pause for a short time. Thank you.

Please check back next month.


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