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VeriSafe - Approved and Watchlist Projects

What does approval mean?

Approval means that we consider the team open and honest in our opinion. We deem the community active, non toxic, and supportive of the project. The tiered approach will tell you how many of the team have completed a KYC/KYD review with an independent third party.

VeriSafe will give projects a immediate heads-up if there are large gaps in their applications. We hope to work together to reach a level of approval, rather than rejection.

Once approved (if suitable) ERC20 compatible tokens will be listed on the VeriSafe DEX and platform swap functionality (TBD). We can also arrange an IEO with our partner exchanges (costs involved).

What doesn't approval mean?

A team with approval is not guaranteed to make its community happy. A team that is completely public might still have bad ideas, conduct itself poorly, or simply quit and cancel the project. There are no measures in business to stop some doing a poor job.

We hope that VeriSafe Approval tiers help you make safer decisions in the projects you follow, but please always research your interests. If you notice bad practice, please give us feedback if there are things that change over time. We will review and revoke projects that substantially change their team members or behaviour.

New approval tiers for 2019 Q2

VeriSafe POI Watchlist

These are ‘VeriSafe Projects of Interest’. If the team notice a project doing a great job, displaying a unique feature, or a having strong community, we place them on a Project of Interest Watchlist. If that team later applies for an official Gold or Platinum approval, they can request a 10% discounted fee.

VeriSafe Watchlist – Project of Interest TBC

VeriSafe Approved - Gold level approval (or Classic Blue Badge)


Serial Number:#20190003


Serial Number:#20190002

Website: https://private.kolinplatform.com/

Serial Number:#20190001


Serial Number:#20180003

Presentatie-LOGO-1 copy

Serial Number:#20180002


Serial Number:#20180001

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