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Built from TipGram – The Telegram Tipping Bot by @VeriSafe

This is a low-fee tipping service. Most services are free once the bot is added to the group. To withdraw, you will need to add Ether to the deposit address given.

Using Tipgram you can tip, do rain, and play games with your token on your telegram group. Be aware, that adding Tipgram bot to your group will need activation. Add @TipGramBot as admin in your group.

You can add your token for free pushing a pull request to this GitHub repo

If you have any questions about the bot ask on @TipGramRoom

BETA software provided as-is and may be removed or stopped at any time.

Many thanks.

Official Representative


Veridex Staking Pool

Veridex Staking Pool

With the migration to 0x v3, all trades on the protocol have a fee used to reward market makers. Market makers are traders or liquidity providers of tokens with a good amount of trades. Using the Veridex pool, Verisafe traders and Token Teams can be rewarded from trades happen on all tokens on Veridex.

What do I need to do?

Buy a minimum 100 ZRX at Buy ZRX  or if you already have you are good to go.

I am out of ETH? Use these links:
Buy with Debit Card or Buy With Apple Pay

Stake at the pool:

Veridex Pool  (Labelled Veridex) with your trader address.

Join as Maker Address

Join as Maker 

So many steps to stake?

We are building an integrated UI for buy ETH, buy ZRX and staking ZRX at Veridex to be released in upcoming weeks. We want to be a good and safe experience for the VSF community and all affiliated Dex projects.

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Thanks for being part of Veridex Staking Pool

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