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Tipgram support for Tron Chain


Tipgram now supports Tron blockchain, this will open a new use case to the Verisafe ecosystem with access to all Tron community and TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. With it, Tipgram also ships with a swap feature between TRC20 and ERC20, this enables token team projects to create their own version of TRC20 and access as well the capabilities of Tron blockchain, which are cheap transfers or even free if you freeze enough TRX and also expose their token to the huge Dapps system that Tron is building.

If you are from the Tron community and never hear of us, please check our last news and features that Verisafe ecosystem is building. We would love you to join us in our ecosystem. Check here all the capabilities of Tipgram

Veridex Gitcoin Grant round 5

Veridex is an open-source product with features like trading, swap, launchpad, decentralized orderbook and it is a safer way for trading your ERC20 tokens.

Gitcoin is a platform that helps to fund open-source development and it has a nice matching system that multiplies each donation. Each small donation will raise an even more high matching donation, meaning more different donators more the donations will get multiplied.

This is the best way to fund Veridex and get some love from our community with a simple small donation, you are helping the sustained growth of Veridex and accelerate upcoming developments.

I want to donate 1 Dai but I only have ETH?

You can go to the Veridex swap system and swap the necessary ETH for 1 DAi here: . Be sure to have Metamask. Could be used also Trust Wallet here:

Then you go and create an account and fund with a 1 Dai or the value you wanna donate, clicking on Fund Grant on right.

Thank you so much for the kind support!

João Campos



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