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Plans on Aave Integration

Veridex wanted to integrate DeFi protocols on their platform to offer users a way to lend and borrow assets, we decided to apply for a grant to Aave to support the integration on our open-source platform,  and we proudly received a positive answer from them, so Thank You.

Veridex will have on the main page a DeFi menu for easy navigation to the new lend and borrow feature. Currently, we already integrated lend feature from Aave and it is on test phase before shipped for production. On that page, you can deposit, withdraw, and buy tokens. Deposit it will give you access to the Aave interest on the supported tokens and return you Atokens representing the underlying asset but with interest accrued at second. If you don’t have tokens you can buy it with ETH using our buy aggregator liquidity feature, which fetches the best price from all available liquidity dex pools and gives you the best price. A screenshot of the current implementation is shown below:

Additionally, we are working on the borrow feature, this will enable any user to leverage positions on any assets supported by Aave protocol or Veridex, you, for instance, can deposit Dai, borrow ETH and use the borrowed ETH to buy any token supported on Veridex platform, if the token evaluates in the meantime you can sell it for ETH, pay your borrow and if the valuation is bigger than the costs of the loan you will be on profit or in loss if the price evaluates in meantime. All these interactions could be done on the Veridex platform without the need to go to another platform. A screenshot of the current implementation on Ropsten is shown below:

For real-time updates, you can check on the pull request:

Disclaimer: Lending and Borrowing is not risk-free, please evaluate all risks before deposit all of your savings in DeFi protocols. The same applies to borrow, besides the protocol risks, there is the risk of liquidation penalties when your borrow interest is superior to the principal liquidity available that you deposit.



TrustUSD Listing

TrustUSd listed on Veridex:

On Desktop:

On Trust Wallet:

  • Trade
  • Market Buy/Sell

What is TrustUSD Token?

TrustUSD is building a financial ecosystem that encompasses the benefits of traditional fiat-backed stable coins, but with decentralization to the purest form. Just hard work and Grassroots. TrustUSD has a vision to partner with major commerce systems and is utilized as a the viable medium of exchange across the world, with WooCommerce integration. TrustUSD’s core use is as a utility token to power the TRUST economy for the UnBanked.

Last News

  • Lightpaper release
    Rebate Program

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Veridex next plans on market making

Veridex has a staking pool on ZRX protocol and in this epoch distributed around 0.5  ETH to ZRX stakers. Veridex in overall has distributed a total of over 2 ETH rewards to ZRX and now has over 1 M ZRX staked to upcoming epochs. Veridex in total as collected over 10 ETH in rewards as market maker, this value could have returned to community market makers in form of VSF, if they market making using our program. We are actively building tools to turn it easier for the market maker program to get’s more adoption.

Veridex aims to be the bigger community market maker pool using ZRX protocol, for that we developed a manual market-making (more info here) and now we are developing a web and script bot (Check real-time development in our Github repo ) to do market making trading on ZRX markets. Additionally, we launched the Verisafe market maker program to return to traders rebates from protocol fee and takers fees in form of VSF (More info here and scripts we use to compute the rewards).

Market makers play an important role in providing liquidity for casual takers and Defi protocols without high slippage on the trading, as ZRX protocol allows placing orders without paying any gas, it turns to be the right protocol to be used by bots to place and update orders on decentralized markets. And with the great addition of 0x API as an aggregator of all orders for Defi protocols and several frontends, bots being able to place orders to this kind of platform at well-competitive prices will get the advantage of their orders will be more likely to be filled. More orders being filled on both sides, it will turn market making more profitable.

Why do we decide to create a market maker bot despite being there other solutions?

We decide to develop this bot to create a web and desktop solution that can be easily used by a casual trader that have some liquidity and want to try to get some revenue from the tokens they hold.

There are risks?

Yes, any trading activity has risks and being market making a complex algorithm that depends on many factors like price movements, news, orderbook readings (Buy and Sell support), high trading activity, choose the right price spread to mitigate risks. It is only recommended for users that know what they are doing. Market makers make money from the continuous spreads that they get from the buy and sell fills (continuously buy lower and sell high), however huge market trends (high or lower price movements) could leave the trader with only one-sided of the inventory. Veridex market maker bot plans to have stop-loss, and inventory skew strategies to mitigate these risks.

What this market maker system can bring to the VSF token?

VSF token is the token of choice to power up Veridex. Market maker program when in place on full it can generate protocol eth fees around 5 ETH in normal conditions, in a hypothetical scenario where we have 10 market makers running the bot and generating 2000 trades each 10 days (20 trades per day per market maker). Besides that, there are also the taker fees that are rebated meaning 0.15 % of generated volume in ETH markets also will return to these market makers (1000 ETH volume means 1.5 ETH in fees, ZRX protocol has a daily volume around 2 M USD ). The protocol fees plus the rebated fees will need to return to these market makers in the form of VSF, this will create buy pressure on VSF market, in order to have sufficient VSF to pay them. Additionally, market makers can choose to dump the market and at the same time, they will create selling pressure on the market. These two conditions will create a high volume market for VSF which are the best kind of markets for traders. However, if market makers decide to hold the token, buy pressure will be higher than sell pressure causing VSF token scarcity on the market. Be aware, that market makers already make money from spreads, being this program an additional reward for the risk they have.


If you like at we are doing show us some love at


Veridex ZEIP -76 voting

Veridex has voting power of over 450, 000 ZRX due to their staking pool. Veridex is an open-source ERC20 dex with trading, swap, launchpad and market maker tools build on top of ZRX protocol and extended ZRX-launch kit.

Veridex believes in ZRX vision of tokenizing the world and we also believe liquid democracy will found the best solution instead of one centralized party. However, liquid democracy only works when the decentralized parties as a whole are aware of their responsibility. We will try to do our part of the contribution to the ZRX ecosystem.

Veridex decides to vote yes on ZEIP-76 because it promotes more community engagement and also more responsibility on driving ZRX protocol. As such this new ZEIP to have good results on overall in the long-term, we as a community need to engage and propose solutions or ideas to be discussed and matured on the ZRX forum and discord, if we do not contribute, this ZEIP will bring an unnecessary burden to ZRX team.

Veridex is engaged in building and investigating market maker tools to be used by the overall ZRX community. More market-making tools will bring more value to the protocol in the long term and will create more competitive decentralized markets to be used by lending, margin and payment protocols. A prototype UI for market making is here (Read related article), an experimental bot for pure market making is being developed at the moment. Veridex is also running an experimental market maker community program and pool, read more about it here.

Veridex created a Grant at Gitcoin: if you like the work we are doing show us some love!

Thanks, ZRX for all the great available tools!

João Campos



Manual Market Making

Manual Market Making

At Veridex, now users can do market making using the best-known information possible to place limit orders on both sides of the orderbook on the supported markets. Check it here

In the user interface (UI), the user place the base reference amount of tokens to place an order, and the UI will automatically fetch the best buy and sell price across Uniswap, 0x, Kyber, Oasis and Curve finance and it will auto-fill the buy and sell prices, shows the best bid, ask and shows coingecko price reference. Users can adjust spread, and it automatically adjusts buy and sell prices. Additionally, user can adjust order ration between bids and asks if it is needed to adjust their inventory. At the final, he can also adjust buy and sell order expire time on seconds. Check as follows the Limit Order Interface:

To help make decisions, the UI displays the orderbook with 50 levels, and the last market fills as follows.

For stats, we show for reference the following options as displayed:

Some stats are related to Veridex Market Making program as protocol fees collected and weth collected, please check it here if you wanna know more about it.

This UI is for reference and it will have more features like run a bot with more advanced options.

Veridex Swap and Aggregator

Veridex Swap and Aggregator

Check here: Veridex Swap

Users at Veridex are now able to swap between any token listed on Veridex and get the best prices from 0x, Uniswap, Kyber, Oasis and Curve Finance, Veridex will create an order under the hood that will get the best orders from these platforms and delivery to you. Additionally, as a reference, users can directly compare the price with Coingecko, be aware that huge orders can cause significantly slippage on price.

Take as an example as follows a swap quote between USDC and DAI:

Veridex is decentralized and it supports several ERC20 wallets as for instance: Trust, Metamask, Portis, Fortmatic and any web3 compatible wallet. No need to go to a centralized exchange to get the best prices on ERC20 tokens. Not your keys, not your crypto. Trade safe!

If you are out of Ether and need to buy/sell some tokens, you can use our fiat on-ramps directly on the top bar clicking on Buy ETH

If your favorite token is not listed you can add it by token address using

You are an ERC20 token project and interested in being listed on Veridex, check here this article.

Swap platform: (Example with Portis Wallet)

Veridex Swap

Veridex IEO Listing Package

Veridex listing IEO Package

Veridex is a dex with support for ERC20 tokens connected to 0x mesh network. Veridex offers in their IEO listing package the following benefits:

  • Announce in all Verisafe channels: Twitter (over 5000 followers), Discord, Telegram (over 2300 active users) and Reddit. Please see the template in attachments.
  • For better reach in the Twitter announcement, we could provide us VSF to airdrop to our users using CCtip
  • Dashboard to place orders. Only your orders will be filled during IEO
  • Support for multiple ERC20 wallets: Trust, Metamask, Portis, Fortmatic and it works also on mobile
  •  Fiat on Ramp: buy easily eth with credit card, ach and Apple Pay
  • Integration with TipgramBot.
  • Easy buy widget to your token and you embedded it directly in your site
  • An AMA could be promoted in your @Verisafe Telegram channel


  • Exchange
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Facebook


  • Provide us an Ethereum Maker Address (Address that place orders)
  • The token could not be a security
  • Provide a description of your project, image in png
  • Please verify with us providing ID or Linkedin verification, if this not possible
    please describe why.
  • Intro video of you and your project (Optional)


– 5% of all sales
– 1 ETH for setup to this address 0x5265bde27f57e738be6c1f6ab3544e82cdc92a8f

If you want to list your coins or tokens you can pm us. We’re giving holiday season promo for as long as 1 Ethereum only for listing with promotional publicity and marketing.

Please contact [email protected]

Ama announcement template:

IEO listing announcement template:

Listing IEO Template

Veridex Listing Package

Veridex Listing Package

Veridex is a dex with support for ERC20 tokens connected to the 0x mesh network. Veridex offers in their listing package the following benefits:

  • Announce in all Verisafe channels: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit. Please see the model in attachments.
  • List on ETH pair
  • Wallet integration: Transfer your token directly on the DEX. Click here
  •  Support for multiple ERC20 wallets: Trust, Metamask, Portis, Fortmatic and it works also on mobile
  • Fiat on Ramp: buy easily eth with a credit card, ach and Apple Pay. Click here
  • Buy/Sell limit and market buy/ swap in with any pair listed on Veridex.
  • Manual market maker tool
  • Integration with TipgramBot.
  • Easy buy widget to your token and you can embed it directly in your site. Click here 
  • Expose token to 0xAPI and all platforms supported by them
  • Listing on tracker Coinpaprika when minimum volume reached


  • Exchange
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Coinpaprika


  • Minimum 10 orders traded per month
  • The token could not be a security
  • Please verify with us providing ID or Linkedin verification, if this not possible
    please describe why.
  • Orders on orderbook
  • Provide a description of your project, and project image in png 600×600 with transparent background
  • Intro video of you and your project (Optional)

Listing FEE: 

  • 1 ETH for setup to this address: 0x5265bde27f57e738be6c1f6ab3544e82cdc92a8f

If you want to list your coins or tokens you can pm us. We’re giving holiday season promo for as long as 1 Ethereum only for listing with promotional publicity and marketing.

Official Listing Representatives

  • @jcampos8
  • @kenberey

Official Contact Emails

Listing model announcement template:

Kiwi Listing

Kiwi Token listed on Veridex:

On Desktop:

Market Buy/Sell

On Trust Wallet:

Market Buy/Sell

What is Kiwi Token?

KIWI is a mineable ERC20 token using Solidity SHA3 Proof of Work algorithm KIWI is one of the very first mineable ERC20 Tokens since early 2018. KIWI can be used for NFT purchases, community building using KIWI in, and it can traded in various DEXes.

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Market Maker Program

Veridex is launching a Market Maker Program to help provide liquidity on Veridex and all related dex’s.

0x in each trade collects a protocol fee to incentivize market makers. We are returning this protocol fee in form of VSF.

How it works:

– Register as Market Maker on this page with your wallet and place orders at Veridex, orders on Veridex had 0% maker fee.
– Earn rebated fees from the takers of your orders. Veridex had a 0.3% taker fee, when this fee is ETH, half of the value will rebate to you – To be added on future
– Earn VSF at each epoch (every 10 days) in the value of protocol fee collected by your maker address trades.


– You need to be registered as maker address at Veridex pool
– You need to get at least 10 orders filled per epoch wherein these orders you are the maker address.
– You need to provide your telegram account with us and join Veridex Market Maker group

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a market maker?

A market maker is a trader that makes orders on the orderbook to provide liquidity. In 0x, orders are composed of makers and takers, who makes the order to be filled is the maker, who fills the order is the taker.

How you compute the VSF I will receive?

We created a script that collects all trades made in each epoch on Veridex and computes all orders where you are the maker. If you get to match more than 10 times you are eligible to get rewards. You could check and run it by yourself the script at

How much is the cost of being on the program?

You have no costs to belong to the program. You will need on each token where you go to trade to do an allowance to 0x smart contract, and that’s it. Then each order you place you pay no gas to do it.

Why do I need to give my account address?

The script filters the maker address’s to compute the rewards.

Why do I need to be on the Market Maker telegram group?

You will receive premium support regarding Veridex and help when needed.

How much I could, in theory, be rewarded?

If you are a trader, besides profit from your trades you will profit each time your order is filled. Each 0x order collects around
0.0012 ETH (this value depends on gas), if you get 10 orders filled you will generate 0.012 ETH if 100 orders you will generate 0.12 ETH. It will be converted to VSF on the current market price.

Another Scenario: 

If you make orders on the Veridex books using Veridex, and these orders get filled more than 10 times each 10 days (1 order per day), you can benefit from this program.

As scenario, if you get 10 trades filled on ETH pairs and these orders generated 10 ETH on volume, you get the protocol fee around 10*0.0012 eth (this is dynamic) and half the fee’s associated with the placed orders 10ETH*0.3% divided by 2 = 0,015 ETH (takers pay 0.3 % of fee on orders created on Veridex), total around 0.025 ETH in form of VSF (hypothetical scenario). Remember, posting orders on the dex have no costs.

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